Cosplay Corner

The Cosplay Corner is the hub for all things Cosplay at Fandom Fest! Dress up as your favorite character and participate in the Cosplay Contest. Or just for fun as you attend Fandom Fest and visit our Cosplay Panel Series. We feature several cosplayers from our local community to participate throughout the con, all weekend long. And don’t forget to check out the Cosplay Medic for emergency costume repairs.

2023 Fandom Fest Cosplay Contest

2023 Fandom Fest Cosplayers

Photos by Mr. D Photobooth

Photos by Amy Klemme

Photos by Joseph Fazioli

Here are our 2023 Featured Cosplay Guests!


Lee is an LGBTQ+ cosplayer, content creator, cat lover, and cleric in D&D. He has been cosplaying for over a decade and creating content online for 3 years. His strength is in performance, but is growing his crafting skills.  He has competed in 2 cosplay competitions and was a judge at Fandom Fest 2022. He has also used cosplay to fundraise for LGBTQ+ charities.
The online platform he has lovingly cultivated focuses on entertainment as well as promoting positivity and inclusivity in the community. He upholds that anyone can and should follow their dream to cosplay. Some of his favorite fandoms to cosplay from include My Hero Academia, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, Digimon, Critical Role, and others. Lee is honored to return to Fandom Fest to bring some magic as a guest, host, and co-producer of cosplay affairs!
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Ashley is a NY based cosplayer, prop builder, gamer, and content creator. She has been a crafty nerd all her life, but didn’t start cosplaying until adulthood. The AshleyIsALot name comes from years of being told she is “a lot” or “too much.” A trait that the cosplay community has welcomed. 
This is her debut as a cosplay contest judge, having competed in four previous cosplay contests with more coming up this year. 
Though you will occasionally see her cosplaying traditional anime characters, she most often cosplays from video games such as Diablo, League of Legends, Dragon Age, Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario. Her comfort character cosplay is Vex’ahlia from Critical Role – Legends of Vox Machina. Her most notable Cosplay has been Angewomon from Digimon Adventure. 
Her favorite thing about the cosplay community now is how inclusive and helpful it is. She wants to do her part in maintaining that and helping new people get into the hobby she loves.
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Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is making another appearance at Fandom Fest! 

Frank (the man behind the mask) has been our local Upstate New York Spiderman for over 10 years! Not only does he cosplay the famous wall crawler, but he also cosplays as tons of other anime characters. In addition to cosplay Frank runs the social media accounts for two popular podcasts, This is Rad! and Everything is Scary! You can also catch Frank every week hosting his horror themed live show on Instagram called the Graveyard Shift, where he discusses the weird, strange and bizarre side of horror and the genre as a whole! It’s his absolute joy to be joining us Fandom Fest! 
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Salíth is a cosplayer from New York who has been sewing and attending conventions for 15 years. She first got into cosplay in 2008 where she attended Anime Boston. Since then, she has created cosplays from anime, books, movies, and original concepts. Some of her favorite creations include her original designs of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Elven inspired garb, and cosplays worn for charity such as Belle. Cosplay has changed over the years and Salíth is grateful to be apart of such an amazing and growing community. This will be her second Fandom Fest and she’s looking forward to attending and seeing everyone’s cosplays!
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Lorraine Toth

Lorraine is a professional photographer, published author, award-winning film maker, artist, professional baker and owner of Bettie’s cupcakes and pinup and cosplay model who lives in Upstate NY. Recently, Lorraine was nominated for an award at Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi) for her cosplay short film – “Through the Lens.”
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