2023 Fandom Fest Merchandise

Official 2023 Fandom Fest merchandise will be available for in-person purchase next to the Proctors Box Office Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27.

Fandom Fest Long Sleeve Shirt

More comfortable than your bulky cosplay costume and you didn’t even have to make it! Get your Fandom Fest long-sleeve shirt and wear it every single day until next year’s Fandom Fest.


Fandom Fest Short Sleeve Shirt

Show off your Fandom Fest spirit with the t-shirt that Deadpool called, “Way hotter than Vanessa and Juggernaut combined!”


Fandom Fest Retro Lunch Box

A bologna sandwich, the Tesseract, or whatever you stash in it will taste so much better in this awesome retro lunchbox featuring a Fandom Fest scene painted by Lexi Hannah.


Fandom Fest Plastic Can Cup

Is it a can? Is it a cup? Is it a shapeshifter? Heck, it’s all of the above and you need one! You’ll remember all the great times you had at Fandom Fest every time you enjoy your favorite libation.


Fandom Fest Color Changing Tumbler and Straw

Fill it with Romulan Ale, ice-cold Butterbeer, or hot Hobbit tea for second breakfast! Amaze your friends and taunt your enemies with this color-changing vessel of awesomeness!


Fandom Fest Travel Mug

Leaving to storm the gates of Mordor and you want to bring some hot cocoa for the trip? You need this travel mug to keep your drink nice and warm. In addition, it’s also good for bonking Orcs on the nose during battle.


Fandom Fest Tote

One tote to rule them all! It’s way more than just something to hold all the spoils of a great weekend at Fandom Fest….it’s a fashion statement. When Fandom Fest is done it’s the perfect tote to take to the grocery store.