Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fandom Fest?
Fandom Fest is Upstate New York’s largest largest gathering for fantasy enthusiasts. Whether it is some of the biggest stars in the industry or local interactive events you can share with your friends and family, Fandom Fest has something for everyone!

Who is the organizer?
Proctors Collaborative is utilizing their talents in event production, theater, marketing and fandom to provide an interactive experience embracing the community of pop culture.

Lost and Found?
Lost and Found is located in the Box Office at Proctors which is the Information Desk during Fandom Fest.

Can I Bring a Pet?
We cannot accommodate pets at Fandom Fest. Service animals with accompanying paperwork are welcome.

What is Artist Alley?
Artist Alley is the place to rub elbows with some of the greatest pencilers, inkers, colorists and writers from every corner of comics.

Will guests sign autographs?
Fandom Fest will feature many guests that will sign autographs in the autograph area, in Artist Alley, in private rooms and at various booths on the show floor. Guests will sign your program, officially-licensed Blu-rays/DVDs, comics, toys and other collectibles. They will not sign bootleg merchandise. While some guests will sign autographs at no charge, this is ultimately up to the guests’ individual discretion. Please bring only one item to be signed during each autograph session and understand that guests may or may not pose for photographs with fans. Autograph prices can be found on the Fandom Fest website.

What do I do if a panel I wanted to see is full?
Panels will be seated as first come, first served events. If there is a panel you are interested in, arrive early to ensure your participation.

Panel etiquette?
Please turn your cell phones off or to vibrate or silent when you’re in a panel or screening rooms. If you must take or make a call, please step outside to do so.

Can I bring a suitcase or handcart with me?
No suitcases or handcarts, please.

Where is the Quiet Room?
The location of the Fandom Fest Quiet Room will be clarified on the event map.

Note: Strict volume levels will be enforced in the Fandom Festival Quiet Room as this is for resting, not socializing.

Weapons and bag check?
Management shall have sole discretion in any matter that may affect public safety or the integrity of the event. We will perform bag and security checks at the entrances. Prop weapons will be tagged with a different color band every show day.

Childcare policy?
Fandom Fest does not provide childcare services.

What do I do if I lose a parent or my child?
Staff members or security guards will help you locate your missing party.

We suggest that when you arrive at Fandom Fest, you and your party choose a location to meet in case anyone does get lost.

If you need to have someone paged, please go to the Box Office/Information Desk with your request for a page and our staff will take care of it as soon as possible.

Hours and location
Fandom Fest 2024 will take place Aug. 10-11 at Proctors, 432 State St., Schenectady. All four floors and over 12 unique on-site locations will feature events.

When do tickets go on sale?
Fandom Fest 2024 passes are on sale now!