The Dragon Dungeon

Deep underground lies a treasure trove of tabletop texts, perfect for your perusal. If you were ever interested in trying out tabletop gaming hit our Looking For Group board to check all the GM’s with available seats to run games. Don’t want to play? Hang out in the audience of one of our Big Table games and see what all the fun is about.

The Horde’s Game Library:

Our dragon has struck a deal with the baking bards to add their game library to their horde for the weekend! Come and literally check-out any board game from the horde’s library to play with your friends at any of our free tables all weekend long!

Dragon Dungeon Big Table Events

THE RAID ON NEW-MOON TOWER [Rescheduled], Sunday Noon-4pm
GM- RionTwist

System- Fate Accelerated (modified), Fit for beginners who have never played Fate or Fudge. Character sheets provided.

In the darkest of nights New-Moon Tower appears, and by dawn when it retreats entire townships have been ransacked by ravenous wraiths. The Royal Rangers have been decimated with every new moon, and now so few of them remain that the small community of Rolling Bluff is left isolated and struggling to hang on until morning. Armed with Pitchforks, Torches, and stunning dunning kruger born confidence, the members of the town bust into new moon tower to end this threat once and for all. Players will be responsible for members of the community who step up to lead the hoard of 52 townsfolk. Should your character die, another member of the community will have to step up and put their life in your hands to take the place of their fallen comrade. Get to the top of the tower filled with tricks and traps, keep as many of the hoard alive as you can, and take down the Dark Lich Vulgar or watch as Rolling Bluff becomes another victim of Vulgar’s vicious villainy! A lightly comedic improvisational fantasy meat-grinder for up to 6 players.


DM- Alex Perry

System – Pathfinder 1

A Pathfinder 1E Actual Play podcast explores a dark alternate outcome to a fateful nautical race from their Skull and Shackles campaign in this interplanar adventure!

Find out more about Inspired Incompetence and listen to their live-play podcast here!

WEDDING CAKE Saturday, 6-10pm

DM- Jeff

System- Pathfinder (ish) with 3.5 elements. An adventure suitable for beginners, experienced players, and anyone with a goblin-like mindset. Character sheets provided.

Lindelonderiel Delphinius, entrepreneur, chef, baker, has been retained by the Duke of Aldenward to make a cake for a grand occasion: the union of Duke Alden himself, and his lovely bride-to-be Hythalia!  As the chef’s loyal band of goblin assistants, you are tasked with transporting the elaborate confection across the bustling metropolis of Aldenward in one piece. An adventure for up to 8 level 1 goblins!

Looking for Group:

Friday 4-7pm, Saturday 2-6pm, Sunday 1-4pm

DM- Jona

System- Dungeons and Dragons 5e, A beginner friendly adventure in a classic Dungeons & Dragons setting. Fresh and pre-made character sheets will be provided. 

South of the Neverwinter Woods is a small town on the verge of a big renovation.  Fortune seekers and adventurers from all over the Sword Coast have been journeying to the town of Phandalin, hoping to capitalize on the many opportunities offered.  Hopeful heroes might encounter challenges to test their mettle like goblin raiders, a local gang cloaked in red and even a greedy dragon with an eye on the growing town.  Even the most ardent adventurers will keep occupied with the RPF Bounty board and distressed townsfolk in need of assistance.  Will you be one of the courageous heroes that will rise to the challenges?

This adventure will take part over all three days of Fandom Fest, advancing each day! Adventurers can return and witness their heroes grow each session, or new heroes can stand to meet the many challenges that the town of Phandalin faces.  Up to 8 Adventurers each day, advancing from levels 1 – 3.

CHRONICLES OF THE P.I.S.T. Friday, 6-10pm

DM: Quentin “Q” Hudspeth of Mobius Worlds Publishing

System: D&D 5e (w/ “house rules”); Rules knowledge not required, just bring your imagination; Scenario-appropriate 3rd level character sheets provided (please arrive early to select yours); Dice, paper, & pencils provided. Pre-registration preferred; late registrants will be replaced at ten past the hour.

The Paranormal Investigation and Strike Team (P.I.S.T) — or the “Pissed”, as your team likes to call it — is a small group of like-minded adventurers bent on saving the world from alien threats. They seek out (and often destroy) undead entrenchments, fey infestations, elemental hot-spots, and incursions from the Far Realm. Funded by, and lead by visions from the seers at “The Institute”, they travel to hot spots, investigate, and shoot the trouble.


DM: Quentin “Q” Hudspeth of Mobius Worlds Publishing

System: Blood & Justice (a Prowlers & Paragons setting for gritty, modern superheroes); Rules knowledge not required, just bring your imagination; Character sheets provided (please arrive early to select yours); Dice, paper, & pencils provided. Pre-registration preferred; late registrants will be replaced at ten past the hour.

Princess’s Pizza Party was a whimsical place, full of fun and adventure for kids of all ages. Every kid in Nocturne wanted to hold their birthday party here. It was filled with music, games, laughter, and great pizza. But then Hurricane Kaelyn hit the city and, like so many other places, Princess’s Pizza Party was no more.  But even before the restaurant shut down, there were strange and disturbing rumors circling around the place — rumors of people going missing, strange lights and sounds inside when the restaurant was supposed to be closed, odd smells coming from the kitchen, weird people reserving the party rooms, strange occult symbols scratched on the walls in the restrooms, and more. Maybe they were just rumors about a place that was past its prime, and no longer as fresh and fun as it once seemed. But then again, most rumors are at least a little bit true… 


DM: Quentin “Q” Hudspeth of Mobius Worlds Publishing

System: The Remote is Screaming (a Savage Worlds setting); Rules knowledge not required, just bring your imagination; Character sheets provided (please arrive early to select yours); Dice, paper, & pencils provided. Pre-registration preferred; late registrants will be replaced at ten past the hour.

Your heroes work (either behind or in front the camera) for a TV show that investigates supernatural mysteries in a world where magic is real and accepted by the public at large. Sometimes this job is boring, but oftentimes it’s dangerous. You have to be quick on your feet, smart enough to come up with solutions to unique complications, and capable of clever improvisation. In fact, the more dangerous the job, the better the ratings, so the network executives encourage you to look for the most thrilling problems you can find.

The Trireme Mansion, in New Orleans, is over 200 years old. It has seen a lot of history and passed through many hands; many people have died within its walls, and not all of those who died left. The current owners turned this magnificent old manor house into a tourist trap, giving tours daily and nightly to give the curious public a small taste of the supernatural. It was even featured on the popular cable TV show “Haunt Hunters” in the early ‘90s, which only increased its popularity. Now, its star is fading, and the family wants to sell the house; but they need the help of your show.