Table Top Games

From classic to contemporary games – we will have campaigns running all weekend along with Free Play time! Check back as more details get added.

The Dragon’s Dungeon:

Deep underground lies a treasure trove of tabletop texts, perfect for your perusal. If you were ever interested in trying out D&D, Pathfinder or Pathfinder II, grab a table full of friends, some character sheets off of the stack and one of the modules off the rack and see what all the fun is about. Tables and modules will be available for new players up to 2 hours before scheduled events in The Dragon Dungeon.

Beware travelers, for when events are scheduled the space transforms! It becomes a single table where players and DM do their best to delight the dragon (and audience) with their roleplaying in prestige sessions that are less out-of-the-box with thick and winding plots! Sign up information for both players and audience will be announced closer to the start of the con.

Dragon Dungeon Premiere One-Shots

GM- RionTwist

System- Fate Accelerated (modified), Fit for beginners who have never played Fate or Fudge. Character sheets provided.

In the darkest of nights New-Moon Tower appears, and by dawn when it retreats entire townships have been ransacked by ravenous wraiths. The Royal Rangers have been decimated with every new moon, and now so few of them remain that the small community of Rolling Bluff is left isolated and struggling to hang on until morning. Armed with Pitchforks, Torches, and stunning dunning kruger born confidence, the members of the town bust into new moon tower to end this threat once and for all. Players will be responsible for members of the community who step up to lead the hoard of 52 townsfolk. Should your character die, another member of the community will have to step up and put their life in your hands to take the place of their fallen comrade. Get to the top of the tower filled with tricks and traps, keep as many of the hoard alive as you can, and take down the Dark Lich Vulgar or watch as Rolling Bluff becomes another victim of Vulgar’s vicious villainy! A lightly comedic improvisational fantasy meat-grinder for up to 6 players.

DM- Jeff

System- Pathfinder (ish) with 3.5 elements. An adventure suitable for beginners, experienced players, and anyone with a goblin-like mindset. Character sheets provided.

Lindelonderiel Delphinius, entrepreneur, chef, baker, has been retained by the Duke of Aldenward to make a cake for a grand occasion: the union of Duke Alden himself, and his lovely bride-to-be Hythalia! As the chef’s loyal band of goblin assistants, you are tasked with transporting the elaborate confection across the bustling metropolis of Aldenward in one piece. An adventure for up to 8 level 1 goblins!