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Fandom Fest 2023 Vendor directory

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Horror Author.

Promoting the upcoming season.

Bags, Plushies, Patches and Keychains.

Selling Concessions and providing Board Games in the Dragon Dungeon!

Illustrative art and related merchandise.

Cupcakes and treats.

Plushies and jewelry.

Magic Packs, Video Game Accessories, Action Figures, Board Games, Warhammer and D&D Minis.

Cromulent Comics

Comics, Toys, and Collectibles.

Consol Collection

Keychains, Prints, and Hats.

Props, costumes, makeup and accessories.

DireCrow and Co.

Hand-made Fabric Dice Bags, Single Flap Totes, Costume Pieces, Nerdy/Steampunk Jewelry and DIY Jewelry Kits.

Rubber ducks that look like anime/video game/comic book characters

Stickers, key chains, bookmarks, pins and more.

Horned head=dresses, wing harnesses, goggles and gas masks.


Live spray painting on canvas outside!

Screen-printed apparel and bags, pins, buttons, stickers, and handmade jewelry.

Slime lab, merchandise and photo booth.

Paranormal Investigator, Author, Teacher and Public Figure.

Anime, Bluray/DVD, Manga, Video Games, Collectibles and Toys

Hand-made Furry Fandom items.

Cute accessories and nerdy jewelry.

3D Printing Service.

Knit/Crochet Pillows, Wood Burned Boxes, Coasters, Necklaces, Art Prints, Stickers and Magnets.

Handmade nerdy wood signs and home decor.

Pop culture-inspired soy candles and wax melts.

Tabletop gaming accessories – dice, dice holders, dice rollers and more.

Merchandise from the burlesque company performing at Fandom Fest.

Jewelry, comics and games.

Buying & Selling Toys, Comics, Collectibles, Trading Cards and Video Games.

Self-published comics, prints, original art, craft pins, toys and more.

Leather apparel and accessories.

Artist alley

Local Dc & Marvel Cartoonist.

Alphonse Roman Studio

Paintings, Collectibles, and Accessories.

Books, original art, prints, posters, postcards, stickers and more.

Original artwork, prints, signed books, commissions and more.

Prints, Stickers, Zines, Pins and more.

Fantasy artwork, books and handmade jewelry.

Artist for Topps, WWE, Marvel, comics, storyboards and more.

Art prints, stickers, originals, printed goods and handmade items.

Special Effects Artist – Makeup and Effects Laboratories.

Art prints, stickers, washi tape, enamel pins, keychains…etc.

Marvel and DC Comic Creator.

Superhero Comics published by Outta Time Comics.

DC, Marvel, Dark Horse comic art creator.

Abstract/Street Art Pop Culture Paintings.

Content Creation.

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