Special Guests

Here’s our growing list of special guests! Be sure to check back to see the latest updates.

Rick Arthur

Rick Arthur is best known as a writer/artist for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books including TMNT: Turtle Soup #1, The Name Is Lucindra; TMNT #44, The Violent Underground; and TMNT: Odyssey, The Lesson. His first graphic novel with collaborator Douglas Arthur is entitled We All Travel Time for Dougside Syndicate Press. He worked as post-production coordinator for the films Cowboy Creed and Hashtag by director Ben Alpi and Runic Films. Upcoming projects include a comic book entitled Ultra-Human Showdown, a graphic novel The Spider and The Mountain, a YA prose novel Psychic Wars, and a comic book TMNT: The Shredder, The Promise.  

Doug Arthur

Douglas Arthur is writer, artist, and publisher of the long-running independent comic strip Tales From the Dougside which will be celebrating its 35th year in early 2023. In 2012, his short comic story Robert Fripp: Agent of KRIMSON appeared in serial form on the official King Crimson website. In 2016 he collaborated on a collection of science fiction stories called We All Travel Time with his brother Rick Arthur (who will also be appearing at Fandom Fest!). Doug’s 15th book, The Nefarious Nomenclature of Norman Nigglebottom was released in 2020 featuring a collection of strips created during the early days of the pandemic. He is currently working on a special hardcover collection of favorites for the 35th anniversary of Tales From The Dougside. Additionally, Doug produces music under the band name Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience, and the long-running pop culture podcast Assault of the 2-Headed Space Mules!

Jeff Burns

Jeff is the creator of superhero comedy series Super Knocked Up and host of improv comedy show Super Geeked Up. He’s one of the authors of the Dragons of a Different Tail anthology, writes for Chapters, one of the most popular interactive storytelling apps on the market, and pens comedic, geeky erotica as Riley Rose. He’s super-excited to be part of the first ever Fandom Fest!

Doug Hills

Doug Hills is a commercial comic artist, whose work can can currently be seen in the monthly comic book series Headlocked: Tales From the Road, Topps’ Marvel Collect!, Trading card apps, and several posters & t-shirt designs for World Wrestling Entertainment!

Pilar Newton

Pilar Newton got her start as a prop designer and storyboard revisionist on The Cartoon Network’s Courage the Cowardly Dog, and as a layout artist on MTV’s Daria. She has since contributed work to companies such as Nickelodeon, Homer Learning and Sirius Thinking, among others. She’s an assistant professor of animation at The City College of New York. Pilar lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and cat. You can follow her on Instagram: @Pilartoons and @Snozzlewinksworld

Jizabell Lee

Jizabell Lee, is the country queen of the capital region. This backwoods Barbie was brought up in North Carolina and somehow found herself lost in the cold north.  

This quirky gal brings a little southern comfort and backwoods craziness to every performance. Between the big hair and splits this lady will have you looking high and low. Ultimately Jizabell Lee hopes to bring a smile to your face with her ridiculous antics. 


Mor’Glamazon is an Albany, New York-based Queen. Mor’Glamazon grew up watching many strong black women, who persevered through so many things. Her art is a representation of her culture, her mother, and her aunts. Mor’Glamazon has taken the time to learn and dive in more to the side of her culture that a lot of people do not get and has spent countless hours researching the lost side of black culture. She is a queen that wants to make a difference in the world. She hopes that everyone sees her drag as how she is fighting for her community, using her art to educate the masses, and having a good time!

Billy Floyd

Billy Floyd is a young man who says what he wants, does what he wants, and gets what he wants. He will always say what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. He’s a former morning news anchor who now records motivational rap music and performs his songs locally with the goal of inspiring others to pursue their passions!

Along with creating music, Billy also hosted his own podcast titled Who’s On The News, runs his own basketball league a part of Legacy Fitness Club in Guilderland, New York and currently holds the position of Arena Host for The Adirondack Thunder hockey team in Glens Falls, New York.

Billy is a true positive force in this world who strives to be the best, while helping others realize that they can also be the best! Work towards making your dreams a reality or wonder what could have been!


Lee is an LGBTQ+ cosplayer, content creator, cat lover, and cleric. With a long history of loving anime and being a theater performer, cosplay was the obvious path for Lee. He has been cosplaying for over a decade and has been creating content on platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube for over 2 years. Along with fun trend videos and blooper reels, Lee also writes his own skits to share with his growing following.

Cosplay has always been a safe space for him to be able to express his creativity and gender identity. He hopes for many others to get the same validating experience from cosplaying. He has been highlighted as a featured LGBTQ+ creator by Colorado Anime Fest.

The online platform he has lovingly cultivated focuses not just on entertainment, but also on promoting positivity and inclusivity in the community. He upholds that anyone can and should follow their dream to cosplay. He strives to inspire and educate cosplayers in efforts to help them create what they’re most passionate about. Some of his favorite fandoms to cosplay from include My Hero Academia, Pokémon, Studio Ghibli, Genshin Impact, and more – even original characters. Lee is ready to bring some magic to Fandom Fest for his debut as a cosplay guest!
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Jennard is a NY based panelist and cosplayer inspired by glitter, Sailor Moon and everything 90’s! Since 1999 she’s been creating her own looks, hosting panels and competitions, all while being a mom to many, many Furbies and Tamagotchis. She’s been a guest at over 30 conventions all over the Northeast and the people she’s met through cosplay are her best friends! 
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GMX Cosplay

Resident of Hudson Valley NY, GMX Cosplay has been attending conventions since 2011 and began cosplaying in 2013. He is an advocate for diverse and plus size cosplayers . He holds a firm belief that there is no wrong way to cosplay and feels that cosplaying your favorite characters is a way for people to feel accepted within the cosplay community. He has worked on and completed over 35 diverse and unique cosplays from multiple fandoms. With attending 18 conventions annually, GMX Cosplay has a passion for the comic con & cosplay communities. He feels strongly that conventions are the best place to be yourself, express your creativity, make new friends and exchange ideas with fellow cosplayers. He supports all cosplayers whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cosplayer!
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Lorraine Toth

Pinup & Cosplay Model, Photographer, Cupcake baker & Author
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Gracim is bringing her talent in cosplay and lolita fashion to Fandom Fest as a panel host!

Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson has been a panelist and a cosplayer for a decade with a love for Godzilla, Columbo and Final Fantasy. His skill for completing character’s looks with the perfectly thrifted or random pieces is incredible. Other than that, Keith is a mystery!


Salith is a cosplayer from New York and has been sewing and attending conventions for over 10 years. She first got into cosplay in 2008 where she attended Anime Boston. Since then, she has created cosplays from anime, books, movies, and original concepts. Some of her favorite creations include her original designs of Sauron from the Silmarillion and elven inspired garb.
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Frank has been our local Upstate New York Spiderman for over 10 years! Not only does he cosplay the famous wall crawler, but he also cosplays as tons of other anime characters. In addition to cosplay Frank runs the social media accounts for two popular podcasts, This is Rad! and Everything is Scary! You can also catch Frank every week hosting his horror themed live show on Instagram called the Graveyard Shift, where he discusses the weird, strange and bizarre side of horror and the genre as a whole! It’s his absolute joy to be joining us Fandom Fest!