Panels are free to all ticket holders. They range from Q&A’s with special guests to picking up new tips and tricks of cosplay! Make sure to check back for updates to our growing lists.

Board Game Design – How to Pass Go and Collect (Hopefully More Than) $200
Moderator Peter McPherson is a Capital Region resident and the creator of Tiny Towns and the soon-to-be-released Wormholes.Join Peter and several board game creators as they walk you through the how-tos and the do-nots of creating a game.

Cosplay Series: Queerness in Cosplay
If you ask a cosplayer why cosplay is meaningful to them they will each have a unique answer. For some cosplay has been an integral part of expressing their true identities, including queer identities. Join Magical Lee, an LGBTQ+ creator, in discussing being queer in the wonderful world of cosplay!

Sketch Off!
Watch artist, in real time, create a work of art!

Cosplay Series: Cosplay 101
Hosted by: Jennard, Keith Jackson, GMX Cosplay, and 8armedspidey!

Voicing Your Childhood (Let’s be honest, Your Adulthood too.)
Put a face to the voices of some of the most beloved cartoon characters in the last 30 years. Meet Winnie the Pooh, Squidward, Goliath and Pinky and the Brain, plus literally dozens of others. Hear some of the stories of your favorite actors who faces you hardly ever see, including Jim Cummings, Rodger Bumpass, Keith David, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche!

Cosplay Series: Lolita Fashion Basics
Hosted by Gracim, a brief history and fashion information! How to build a co-ord and where to get your pieces.

Cosplay Series: The Making of Captain Costumer
Join The Costumer as their talented team guides attendees through the process and answer your questions on costume construction. The presentation will also demonstrate the choice and use of various products used in the end construction including thermoplastics, foam and more.

I Want to Read Comics, But Where Do I start?!
For those who fell in love with those amazing comic characters on the big screen before the books, this is the panel for you! Are you a Spider-Fan but don’t know about his work with Tony Stark? Do you think the Fantastic Four is fantastic but didn’t know Reed and Sue had kids? Are you a Batman-stan but never met his son Damien? Hear from comic experts about the best entry points into these classic characters, as well as recommendations of the best books you’ve never heard of!

Character Creation
Featuring special guests: James Marsters, Elden Henson, and Debbie Rochon!

Cosplay Series: History of Cosplay
Hosted by Jennard and Keith Jackson!

25 Years of Buffy
“In Every Generation a Slayer is Born…” Come celebrate 25 years of, hit TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Hosted by self-certified Buffy fanatic, Jessica Cameris! Join Jess as she dives deep into the Hellmouth with James Marsters (Spike) and Amber Benson (Tara). Sink your fangs into some behind the scenes stories, ask your burning questions, and hear it all straight from the witch and vampire’s mouth.

Cosplay Series: Original Ideas
Hosted by Salith! Did you know that cosplays do not need to be 100% accurate to the source material? Instead they can be tailored and designed in a way that makes it unique with a flare. From anime, to movies, to books and more! Come join us as we discuss how to put your own spin on any cosplay and the unique benefits that come from it!

Cosplay Series: Cosplay Dating Game! (18+ only)
Imagine Tanjiro Kamado falling for Toga Himiko! Reminiscent of our favorite Dating Games shows, bachelors or bachelorettes sit on one side of a curtain while on the other side are 3 contestants hoping to be the “winner” of love. Twist is the participants are in costume and are the character they are dressed as! Hosted by Magical Lee! (this is purely for the amusement and entertainment of the participants and audience. No real dating is involved.)

Star Trek
Hosted by Star Trek Association of the Northeast – From One Small Stream to a mighty fountain of Star Trek streaming shows today. Join us as we journey the times of where Star Trek has taken us where we have landed today!

Build Your Own Chainmail Armor, One Ring at a Time!
Join expert artist and jeweler Tim Grayson as he shows you how to create your very own set of authentic chainmail armour! (Tim is English and we are contractually required to misspell certain words in order to humour him.) Take part in this hands-on experience and learn the skills to bring your CosPlay to the next level, advance your LARPing experience and drive the TSA staffers crazy!

Demonhuntr – An LGBTQIA+ Horror/Comedy Extravaganza!
What more of a description do you need?! Okay, how about this: Join Demonhuntr creator and UAlbany grad Tim O’Leary and Demonhuntr star and Capital Region native Robert Rice for a viewing party of Demonhuntr! Stick around and hear stories from set, the journey from page to screen, and just how much fake blood is too much fake blood!

The Fellowship of Creative Women: Celebrating Women Leaders in Fandom
Join Amber Benson, Debbie Rochon, Deedee Benray, Lori Allen, and Pilar Newton-Katz as they explore their personal creative journeys through a world that is historically male-dominated, before becoming some of the most successful women…no, PEOPLE!…in their fields. From acting to authoring graphic novels, and more, these women are true leaders and innovators. Hear their stories and be inspired!

What’s Bikini Bottom really like?
Get up closer and personal with Rodger Bumpass, the voice behind Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob SquarePants, to learn about the in’s and out’s of a cartoon that every 90’s baby grew up with!

Star Trek Publishing
Hosted by Star Trek Association of the Northeast – From the first comic books to the TOS episode novelization, fan fic, books through the 70s, 80, and 90s – from 200 till the end of last year. What’s happening now? What’s to come?

Cosplay Series: Anti-bully/ Anti-discrimination within the cosplay community
Hosted by GMX Cosplay!